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Mission Statement
Empowering perishables industry leaders to make data-driven decisions and drive business growth through expert analytics, consumer research, and consulting services.
Our Roots

CP was founded in 2008, as a partnership between Farm Fresh Direct and Wada Farms (two leading potato and onion grower/shippers). The driving motivation for establishing CP was to share resources and coordinate programs, in support of business and consumer insights in the retail channel. Sales and distribution for its principals have boomed, due to CP’s efforts.

Following 2008, CP expanded support beyond its principals’ business to drive insight-based sales, across a number of grower/shipper and commission clients; exclusively in the fresh foods industry.

CP’s core capabilities include: data integration and reporting via CP Conduit, technology solutions, analytical and business consulting services, consumer/market/retail/category research and go-to-market strategies.

How We Can Help
Category Management
With more than 50 years of combined experience we understand the patterns to optimize procurement.
Consumer Research
Discover how consumers are responding to your products with our curated network of shoppers.
Advanced Analytics
Gain access to our custom software such as CP Conduit© to make data more digestible.
Our experts are ready to provide additional value beyond category management.
Client Success Stories
Grow Sales
Our team of fresh industry experts has a proven track record and decades of experience building and applying insights, support and technology to grow retail channel sales.
Increase Efficiency
Category Partners helps companies punch above their weight. Our tools will provide you with integrated data sets, custom visuals and data hierarchies.
Turf Protection
With the power of data our clients not only work to gain new business and grow current business, but also are able to defend against the pressure from retailers in times of SKU reduction to minimize declines in business.
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