In today’s retail marketplace there is no shortage of data and information to help retailers make business decisions. However, finding the time to make it relevant and actionable is at a premium, and the majority of the information retailers have available is internally focused — we bring an outside perspective.

In 2008, Category Partners was created for this very reason as a joint venture between two large grower/shippers, with the shared belief that there is a lot more involved in today’s changing marketplace than just providing quality product at competitive prices. These two grower/shippers started Category Partners to provide value-added services to retailers and to use their data, plus our information and industry and consumer insights, to improve category performance– “Harvesting Fresh Results” every time. Using a ground up strategic approach we enhance produce performance by providing the bridge between grower/shipper and retailer through actionable insights that enhance category performance.

From that start, we have continued to grow and expand every year, and today we work with some of the largest produce suppliers and Boards in the U.S. But we have also greatly expanded our capabilities which now includes consumer, market, and industry research. Our research projects have included Price Elasticity, Packaging studies, determining purchase drivers, and a multi-category “barriers to purchase” study which highlighted activities suppliers and retailers can execute to grow sales.

We deliver actionable and executable results, not just big data.

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